About Cortni J

Hey Hey, I'm Cortni!

 I'm a 29 year old wife to Brent, Mom to Brendan, Prin and recently, my baby boy Gavin, music enthusiast, IT Solutions Account Manager and now, lifestyle blogger. Here I share my

·       personal style, which, might I add, is chic, affordable and attainable

·       honest to God truths of motherhood

·       favorite music vibes

·       exciting and useful interviews

I started blogging after I had my youngest son, Gavin. There I stood, 3 months post baby in a total grey area, an utter precipice if you will, physically and emotionally existing somewhere between re-embracing and celebrating my youth (what's left of my 20's) and shouldering the weight of managing a business, a new baby and a full out family of 5.

How does that look? How do I dress that up and present myself to the world, remain poised in front of my children, maintain the confidence of my husband and never let go of who I was before it all?

 I'm still learning, and they're so patient! I will say, I've learned a few tricks and tips, go to's, how to's, do's and don'ts. I want to be transparent and share those experiences raising our family and improving myself. I think we're all more alike than different and I'm preeetty sure my experiences mirror some of yours. After all, there's strength in knowing someone else may be facing similar situations-you're not alone!


I believe there's power in sharing stories with one another and here I get to exercise my knack for question askin! Cortnijsays will feature interviews with new and seasoned moms, professionals, entrepreneurs, wives and women who are just "adulting" well!  I wanted to create a space to have conversations around the topics that mean the world to me and to several other women who exist to change the world every day in their own homes and daily lives!

Music and I will forever be joined both in admiration and doing. It’ll always be a passion of mine. As a singer, songwriter and former professional backing vocalist, I had the opportunity to travel and share my gifts on a global stage. Those unique experiences have shaped me as well! I love music, GOOD music and so does my husband-its how we met and a huge way we bond with our children. I'm a total aux hog in the car. I'll share my vibes and hopefully, you'll share yours as well!

So subscribe, share and don't forget to comment. I want to know who you are and what you think!