An Exclusive offer from Suitkits just for us! Killer discounts inside!

As a woman whose 6ft tall with broad shoulders, long arms, a fairly small bust and long torso, to say its challenging to find professional wear that suits me is merely an understatement!
I know I’m not the only one out there who feels this way. After a while, rolling up your suit sleeves to sort of emulate a 3/4’’ length feel just doesn’t seem to fly anymore. I’ve found myself envious of my husband’s ability to walk into any men’s suit department and get a completely tailored suit. Are we living in the dark ages where women don’t need tailored looks even more so than men in a lot of cases.

Welp, the wait is over!

SK header.jpg

To my amazing millennial moms- Since I know that you all appreciate killer fashion, I reached out to the CEO of a new company I came across called @suitkits and got’s readers an exclusive offer! SuitKits is a website that allows women to design and order custom tailored suits in multiple styles and colors, directly online, and then get measured by one of their tailors for a perfect fit!  Tall, petite, plus, before baby, after baby … this is for ALL women who want to look and feel good!  

Here's the exciting part: they just launched! So in addition to all of the free perks that SuitKits is offering on their site during their launch promo going on now like premium fabric colors, linings, monograms, sweat guards, AND free shipping, you get even more for following cortnijsays

Use our promo code CORTNI50 to take an additional $50 off of your order of any full suit or blazer!

Just remember that our special discount code expires at midnight PST on November 6th. So go over to now to check it out! 

Check out the video below to see how it works!