Crystal Facial Tools-what you need to know

Seems to me like crystal face tools have been all the rave lately and I’m not embarrassed to say before doing some recent research, iiiiiii didn’t know what all the hype was about. But if you read my previous post, I’m working on legitimizing my beauty regime and I also think these crystals are super cute for my vanity SO…here’s a few things you need to know!

There’s nothing NEW under the sun: Jade facial rollers in particular have been around for c e n t u r i e s; even as far back as seventh-century China. The stone was believed to have healing and protective properties.

total admission: I’m also not well knowledgeable about crystals and their properties but I think for the sake of sharing with you all and for my own spiritual growth, I’ll do some research on that as well! I’m here for positive vibes and ya know, promoting healing!

Here’s what they do

  • Helps fight wrinkles 

  • Helps blood circulation to the face, and assists in detoxification 

  • Decreases puffiness under eyes and around face

  • Brings a natural glow to your face

  • Helps tighten skin, making it appear more youthful

  • Helps absorb moisturizers and serums more fully

  • Gives mom an excuse to splurge on herself and also take much needed “me time”

How to use:


Ya want to use them in a sweeping motions, working from the center of the face outward so says Karina Sulzer, founder of all-natural beauty tool brand Skin Gym, Apply your favorite moisturizer, oil, or serum and then, starting from your chin, work from the center outward and upward onto your cheeks. Next, make sweeping rolls from the center of your chin toward your collarbones, working outward to the sides of your neck. Then, from the center of your neck, roll outward and upward, working up to every section of your face.”

Pro tip? “Put your roller or wand in the fridge to keep it super-cold—this is the ultimate trick for maximum de-puffing in the morning,”

I’m excited to try this with some fancy facial serum

Please share your experiences with me! I’d like to know if it works for you

Have you noticed results? Would you recommend a brand? Any coupons lying around? lol