Thrifting Like a wizard!-5 Tips

I started thrifting before I was born. My mom was thrifting with me in her belly hunny. Its just in my blood. I knew I was getting good when I started finding expensive furs and leather goods. I knew it was designer before I looked at the tag. I developed an eye for quality and that’s what makes me a wizard (in my mind) lol

Here’s a few tips and tricks!

  • Location location location!-Lets be clear. Thrifting is one man’s trash being another’s treasure. So you have to know whose giving things away. I find the nicest communities to shop in. Typically by the biggest homes! I absolutely love old lady give aways. Things are kept in great condition and are typically really good quality.

  • Patience - This is not your ordinary shopping experience. Most Salvation Army and Goodwill stores are organized by color. NOT size. Its going to take some extra time to get through it all. But by all means, lift that shirt in the air, feel that fabric, check that label like a boss, knock on that wooden end table and start a maybe vs definitely pile! Folks tell me they can never find anything. For beginners, bomb pieces may not jump out at you OR you may find it… perhaps it just has your mom’s name written all over it! Just try to take your time. You’ll find it.

  • Develop a strong survey of the land-Maximize your time by eyeing the good stuff/sections first-that way you can narrow down your search time to about 20 or so minutes per section. I start at furniture and home goods. I can check that off pretty fast before I go sifting through a million tops!

  • Search tags. I’m a sucker for labels, I determine from there if its my size and then if the quality and all around integrity of the garment or piece is in tact.

  • Dry clean and or wash before wearing. This may seem intuitive but just make sure you clean everything before using!

What NOT to thrift:

  1. baby seats-believe it or not. Its not a good idea. Things get recalled. and they are supposed to be replaced every 6 months by the manufacturers date. Pieces could have been involved in accidents. Its not best practice. Now, I have purchased an entire baby crib second hand…The Lord was guiding my hand that day. It was brand new.

  2. Mattresses-because a lot of places are riddled with bed bugs which are the actual devil to get rid of

  3. Stuffed Animals-kids, germs and their beloved teddy…eek

  4. Appliances-Please don’t lug that thing home to plug it in and “vualah! nothing” Check out Sears outlet if you need to save

  5. Make-up-Friends, Walmart has a superb clearance isle with lots of unopened make-up, and nail polishes. Tj-Maxx also has an unmatched make-up selection with some of the best skincare products too. Don’t thrift make up.

May all the designer gods be on your side-

I sure hope this helps

Whats the best thing you’ve ever gotten thrifting???

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