How the heck to find the right facial serum

First of all, I feel hella fancy

I don’t profess to be a makeup queen by any means. I mean in the era of stage contour becoming an everyday look,  I’m still living in a world where a little primer, foundation, blush, liner and lipstick is still poppin…that’s just me I guess.

Some days I even skip out on mascara just because I hate taking it off! I also appreciate a fresh brow wax or thread so filling in my brows isn’t an everyday affair either. However, one thing I am interested in learning more about is skin care! Is it just me or are serums taking the forefront a bit more? Back in the day it seemed like…oh these expensive night creams were more for older women who wanted to reduce age lines…then it became an acne thing…ya know with the proactive craze and now, its like oh, hello 14k gold infused rose water for a more hydrated look!


I’ve never had a legitimate daily or nightly routine for my skin. After my acne cleared in college, I’ve kept a jar of naxema in the shower, slap a bit on in the morning and go! My cousin recently laughed at me when I told her I still use that-please raise your hand if you’re still rocking with a very classic face wash just so I won’t feel alone on this one.

I want to change that…I took a stroll to TJ Maxx today and saw quite a few pretty little serum bottles full of dermatological goodness and once again, my excitement coupled with the anxiety of too many choices kicked in! “I WANT ONE” I said to myself, but I had no idea which one to pick, so I left the store empty handed! I did a bit of research on ingredients that are good for the normal hydration, brightness, and vibrancy and of course, just asked my mom!


Instead of looking for a list of the best brands, I found that the ingredients are whats important to look for

  •  The trick is to apply the serum to your face after washing in the morning and at night

  • Apply in an upward motion and patting around the eye area 

  • If you have oily skin dermatologists recommend choosing a serum with salicylic acid and/or glycolic acid

  • For dry complexions, look for formulas that incorporate hydrating proteins such as hyaluronic acid that bring moisture to the skin

  • For aging, dull, or combination, try serums with vitamin C and retinoids


I didn't know these things so I hope this helps! 

As always, I want to know what works for you! drop a link or your dermatologists' info! homegirl needs a facial! 




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