Whats your hat style?

Listen, if you want to give Miranda Priestly utter lady boss power feels, do yourself a favor and throw on a well-placed hat. Similar to a beautifully flowing long caped kimono, a hat just adds the drama that any simple look commands. I love a hat on a woman.

Your layer game does have to be predicated upon the season. Its always hat season!



Thelooke has the cutest fedoras and they come in adjustable sizes which is great because I have big head :( 

Keith and James -if you hadn't noticed has taken Hollywood by storm. Giving all types of Louboutin inspo with their daring red under brim, these fedoras are super cute and chic-but pricey.

Asos- love ASOS, love their pricing! super cute hats, lots of choices! 

Whats a piece you add to your look for some drama?

Cortni AgnewComment