When music brings us together-A list of good sounds

It started out with a few dance tunes to get the kids up and moving and then a nice toned down sound at which time they sort of left the room. My husband I were left with baby Gavin in my arms swaying from side to side to the entrancing backgrounds of James Fauntleroy’s “get it over with”. We picked apart every line repeatedly

I went to turn off the music and turn up the game, but Brent stopped me and let the music play. The playlist below is all types of feels. Mmm! Turn off the tv’s and just play the music in the background and watch the vibes in your home change a bit.

Somehow the stars aligned and I was able to create a sheer moment of peace and calm. In a household of 5, this is so few and far between lol

Might I suggest straightening up the room a bit, wiping down those surfaces  and lighting a lil candle, ya know- create a little zen, a bit of freshness and calm

happy listening! 



What do you listen to in your peaceful spaces? Whether you're just relaxing or cleaning or doing some form of meditating,  what sounds compliment that?