9 Strong Female leads: My go to power houses right now


So I've been feeling this strong female lead energy these days!

These are my top go to’s for the season. Badass , hit-making, songwriting , background vocals on fleek female singers right now

Jade Novah- cuz duh. She can sing her abc’s and crush it. Just flawless vocal chords. Drippin in gold. Hey Jade, perfect much?


Victoria Monet-such mellifluous flow-her melodies lull me right into a happy serene place. Her background vocals are dope and she looks like an assassin! Damn girl! I like her songwriting as well. Super poetic, easy to sing along to and just relatable



Summer Walker- gives me old school  R & B high school first love feels. "Girls need love" stays on repeat for me. Its so raw and is so aligned with the theme of strong female leads. An unadulterated statement of what she needs. I love when a woman doesnt sugar coat!

TXS-this girl can sang. Couple that with Rico Love's hit-making production and shes striking gold. I mean, where did she come from? Just kidding I've been following Rico on insta for years and found her through him. Her bathroom covers sound like fully produced records. She so talented.


H.E.R-she, at this point, keeps herself hidden all while she's writing the lyrics to our relationships. I mean how does she have visibility into our personal journals ladies? Love riding in the car to this voice in particular. Shes a vibe all on her own. Yep, her name is Gabrielle and shes a child prodigy boasting songwriting credits and playing 3 instruments. In recent years though, shes taken the industry by storm. Fell in love with her the moment I heard her!



Emily King- coffee shop, rustic guitar chord, on a train visiting your folks, cooking in the kitchen for your love energy. I tend to turn her on when my space is quiet. Her music is like background music to my thoughts and I'm inspired all at the same time. I found her through a friend while on a trip to Toronto. It was rainy and cold and I curled up in my hotel and kept Georgia and Distance on repeat for hours thinkin’ about how much I missed my hubby while away! I later found a live recording of her entire record and just fell in love all over again! I dig her. Heavy


Tory mf’n Kelly! The voice. There's not much she can't sing. Have yall seen SING?! Great movie for the kids. Anyway, she plays the elephant who is shy to sing but busts out hallelujah and floors everyone in the room. Gorgeous tone, super classy and adorable. I love her curly blonde tresses! Shes pretty positive and uplifting too. I play her a lot in the car with the kids and totally rock out!


Tiffany Gouche- came through and is changing the game. Puts me in the mind of Michelle Ndegeocello. Very sultry deep androgynous vocals . She too is an artist I like to have playing in the background when the mood in my space is very chill, maybe a candle, maybe a glass of wine, and my thoughts.


Yebba Smith- Let's see, how did I find this gem?! I don't know but thank the Lord I did. Her voice is so bomb. Super soulful with runs for days. Tone on point. I get goosebumps when I hear this song...its heart wretchedly good.  She sings like she been through some things! go ahead and feel something why dont you!



What are your go-to female leads for the season! I'm always adding to my playlists