Indie males

Kenyon Dixon-backing vocalist to most recently Justin Timberlake and many many more. A vocalist, songwriter, vocal arranger , dancer and over all dope artist. Love his voice and vibe. I wont list every song I love by him. I tend to gravitate towards more melancholy songs heavily sedated with bass and ambient backing vocals but this one is a bit upbeat and groovy

Burgundy- a group I suppose? I like em! I like this song I tell ya!

Samoht-a voice. Such painfully seductive harmonies. so good I cringe. Hes a refreshing sense of emotion I feel alot of artists are afraid to tap into these days.

Tobi Lou-Darlin

Patrick Paige II-Vodoo-Im a sucker for really good guitar. This puts me in the mind of D’angelo which, well, need I say anymore?

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