Pop Style-A playlist

Check out this playlist below, all of which are on heavy rotation for me right now!

Ariana doesn’t disappoint, Kehlani just can do wrong in my book and this new vibe Lennon Stella has a gorgeous voice and found a special place in my heart!

take a listen

comment below and lemme know if yall rockin’ with these too!

Familiar with Enya? Welp, if you love her, ambient wet vocals, beautifully composed strings and arpeggios, you’ll love this song. The subject matter just melted my heart. Imagine mourning the loss of someone while in love with another. UGH! tears Sounds like an ode to Mac Miller and an apology to Pete Davidson all wrapped in one gut wrenching poetic admission… and well, if so, I’m holding my hand over my heart for you Ariana.

tenor (2).gif

Ever been in sucha terrible break up, you wish the whole relationship was bad so you wouldn’t be left so dumbfounded and just heartbroken by the wreck?! Well I have. its like, wow, if you would have showed me who you really were, we coulda saved some time and pain! Lennon Stella’s Bad is an open letter to (what i think) was a guy who just totally pacified her until BOOM, one day, it was over! smh!

why, why do we do this?

welp, it made for an impeccable pop record! I love the hook! check it out.

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