Cruelty Free R n B-a playlist

Now, more than ever, consumers are becoming hyper aware, super selective and outright picky about the brands with which we associate in addition to the products and content we consume. Long gone are the days where we separate social and moral responsibility with the companies those goods represent. In fact, people are choosing their brands based off of their social, cultural, philanthropic and even political stance. Toms spearheaded this with their buy one give one campaign. And on the other hand, figure heads have been removed and dealt with in the court of public appeal for their socially deaf comments and even personal life choices resulting a major hit in sales and revenue. Take Papa Johns founder John Schnatter for example. He was removed from his position for use of the N word on a conference call. Or Jonah Lupton, founder of the famous sandwich shop Jimmy Johns, who received scrutiny from customers and peers for hunting big game.

We’ve seen this happening in fashion with Prada and Gucci drawing striking similarities to black face in their designs. In my previous post ,l spoke about how Harvey Weinstein has just defaced the  film industry with his abuse of power over budding young female actresses and of course music is not exempt-not even RnB

It is in that same vein that I have created a new boundary for myself. I’m committing to exploring my taste level and becoming open to artists outside of those who have been accused and in some cases, convicted of sexual abuse crimes against women and children.

Cruelty Free Rnb is a term I’m coining here and now that honestly can stand for anything that simply means: no men, women or children were hurt and abused in the creation of this music, by the artist of said music-in this case, RnB music. My favorite genre.

Now this doesn’t mean, any and everyone who have ever done anything, had some kind of record, done drugs or mismanaged their money is a complete monster and we have to mute them. However, as a woman, and a mother, my concern is naturally alleviating the abuse and exploitation of women and children.

I’ve heard so many people say “ ah what will we listen to?” And honestly, I think that’s a slight to hard working talent who walk a decent path, are wholesome and put their music out there for us to appreciate and enjoy

Take a listen, a please comment below, Id love new suggestions! :)