4 Easy tips to score the best gift from your holiday beau

Ladies, can we expect men to be intuitive enough to take note of ALL the things we’ve ever wanted throughout the entire year? I’m so indecisive. I know I probably send mixed messages. Unless my husband is snooping around through my insta collection, how the heck will he know what new addidas I’ve been gushing over?!

Here are a few workable suggestions to getting what you truly want from him

  1. Ask and Tell-There’s nothing worse than getting something you know you’ll never use when that money could have easily gone toward something you totally would use! So instead of guessing, ask and tell each other. After all, This shouldn’t be one sided. Get a few options and pick a couple on that list of things.

  2. Set realistic expectations about budget-so when he does ask, you will know he’ll be able to afford. No harm there!

  3. Shoot him useful Hints-Coupons are a great way to send a useful hint that will also help him save a bit on your gift. You get them in your email all the time, fwd those on!

  4. Shop together!-I feel like girls just walk through the store touching things saying “this is nice”. This is code for, “you can buy me ANY of these things and I will love it!” The trick is, he doesnt know that! So when you shop together, let him know, directly, “I’d like this!”

Comment below and let me know if you have any other tips and tricks on scoring the best holiday gifts from your boo!