A couple parenting resources

We all know the adage: “children don’t come with manuals”-some old random person

And its true…somewhat!

As a brand spanking new mom, I read any and everything I could get my hands on. To the point where I sort of forgot that experience w ould teach me, my child of all things would teach me!

With time, we learned each other but I was worried that I was unsure about bench marks. Not to compare myself but I needed some kind of gauge if you will. To make sure she and I were hitting healthy targets and such…

Here are a couple things I follow just to hold mommy and baby accountable

babycenter.com its an all encompassing parental manual. They’ve done the work, surveyed hella moms and found the answers from pregnancy to big kids. Here you’ll get trusted information, advice from peers, and support

Parents.com Am I the only one who grabs this magazine instead of instyle in doctor waiting areas! Especially the ones exclusive to your state! I always find good reads on local schools and activities.

What I find MOST valuable, though is you all. Talking to other millennial moms about their experiences, their failures and successes. The embarrassing moments we all have in common and have worked through

What’s your “go to” parenting resource?