What are you doing this weekend?

A question I mainly get from co workers

of which do not have children

or husbands.

no shade. I love my single co workers, they keep me hip (no I keep me hip)

they have different perspectives and I get to live vicariously through them

I typically respond with “ah nothing much” which couldn’t be further from the truth


"omg take pictures, {make sure you} snaap!!!”

Maybe its too much to explain, maybe I just don’t want to respond with something relating to the kids for the 100th time in a row :/

Nah, really I just haven’t been confident enough in my story to tell it as if it isn’t equally as exciting as going to a club, or fashion show or hiking!

breakfast, straighten up a bit, fold some clothes, work on my brands, all while Nat geo is playing in the background, take a fat nap, wake up, make a sandwich, do a vision board with Prin, play with Gavin work on my brand, critique new music, write a verse, write a post, source products for said brand…

I mean sometimes, my “nothing” doesn’t even fit into a whole 24!

changing the narrative lately.

so for those asking…Im building a brand this weekend and getting my hands hella dirty with my babies.

Chu doin’?!


Cortni Agnew2 Comments