Mom guilt-How to overcome

I posed the question on my facebook this summer: Mom guilt, who got it?”

the response was overwhelming! I was comforted knowing that I wasn’t alone in this all-too-common experience but I was alarmed too.

Surprisingly, if the name didn’t sort of give the meaning away, my dad asked, “what does that mean?”

Before having kids, I too never knew what it meant and I for sure didnt need a dictionary to put language to the feeling once I had my little ones. I immediately knew what it was as soon as I began to subconsciously blame myself for my absence, their mistakes, my mistakes, missing things, missing them, losing pictures in a broken phone, showering, leaving out without them, saying “No” aaaannnnd the list goes on.

I read a sweet article in Huff Post about the topic and I’ve been charged to share! Luckily, several of the coping mechanisms, I’ve learned through trial and error. Mom goes Nuts on Saturday morning because the house is a mess ooorrrr she hasnt had a mani pedi in 8 weeks…its time. girl get you some “me time”

Guilt, of any kind, robs us of the present. So lets do better at keeping that to a minimum. Instead,

  1. Make time for you-because input=output

  2. Your work is your pride-don’t feel bad for being multifaceted

  3. There’s NO such thing as a “perfect” mom

  4. Don’t believe the hype- more times than not, people typically don’t show their failures and rough moments so don’t internalize the facade

  5. Give yourself the right to fail-but learn from it ya know.

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How have you been dealing with mom guilt?

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