5 things to scroll BESIDES social media!


Has anyone ever taken inventory of exactly how much time we spend on social media?

As a blogger, I know, I could totally be cutting off my nose to spite my face with this post but I truly am concerned that folks are spending TOO much time looking at what others are doing and less doing and being, ourselves.

Onlooking can lead to constant comparison and feelings of inadequacy. I spoke about this before in my post on mom guilt. Do we truly realize that folks aren’t posting their failures as least not nearly as often as their successes?! So technically, we’re only getting to see what people WANT us to see. Then you compare yourself and feel terrible because, well, you don’t have the $6 cup of Starbucks coffee perfectly photographed in front of your brand new G wagon steering wheel with that flawless Cartier love bracelet on your wrist. We’ve all seen the photos right?!

Welp, I’ve decided I want to make better use of my time while scrolling along.

Here’s a list of a 5 alternatives to social media:

  1. Quality time: an App that helps you discover your smartphone habits by telling you when and how often you’re logging on to your social media sites. I think its a great way to help manage your usage

  2. Duolingo: learn a new language! I am all for this. this App is so interactive and really is a great tool to build upon your rusty high school Spanish lol or any language! It offers Several different foreign languages! You can earn points, level up and the short lessons aren’t overwhelming. Plus how cool would it be to say, “yeah, I’m totally learning Japanese right now”

  3. Curiosity: An app that delivers interesting topics daily! You answer a few questions about your interests and they’ll curate bite sized news, facts and knowledge to keep you growing smarter

  4. TED talks APP : thank you for attending my TED talk! Yes, this phrase has become super common across social media and I sure hope y’all are actually watching a few. Interestingly enough, Ted talks brings your more than just talks (which are extremely informative) but also music sessions, poetry and dance!

  5. Audible :I often say I want to read a new book but don’t have time to really get into it. So why not listen to it! Alexa, play me a good new book!

    I hope a few of these help! What interesting apps do you all have on your phones or tablets?!