What do you want to be when you grow up?-Asking with a purpose

I heard Beyonce say once that her parents noticed what she liked and was good at very early on. They kept her immersed in the arts and, well we know the rest.

I have a little cool Jedi mind trick I use on my kids. I notice something small but thoughtful that the kids say and I paint a picture of the scope of those qualities in the real world; kinda’ like what those talents can blossom into! 

Prin in particular came into this world after 48 hours of hard labor. Similar to her birth, she is the most persistent, tenacious and passionate person I know! She’s also very loving and tender. Recently, her baby brother Gavin has been a great way I’ve turned Prin into mommy’s little helper. She surprisingly likes to help change his diaper!  She has a natural awareness for the human body, isn’t at all grossed out by bodily functions and is certainly curious about it all. 

We’ve watched every episode of Dr. Pimple popper and in the midst of peeking through our fingers while watching the satisfyingly horrific extractions of polar cysts, I noticed something. Prin kept asking to watch Mr. Pimple popper. Yes, she 4 and makes normal syntaxical mistakes but she’d watched the show many times and knows dermatologist Sandra Lee is a woman. I realized that Dr. and Mr. can be intuitively synonymous to some, especially a child- so I’ve used some of our mommy daughter time to watch female doctor clips. I am sort of using it as a tool to show her a real life female doctor doing her thing and making it look cool. Next will be a trip to my aunt Dr. Kim Verner’s clinic to see a bad ass female white coat in action!

Mommy: Prin you would make a great resident! You love helping people feel better and you don’t need much sleep!” (the girl can stay awake like its nobody’s business!)
Prin: what’s a resident
Mommy: a doctor! Well a doctor in training!

After a loooong line of questioning



During this rabbit hole, I found a good article for high schoolers (see previous post) in search of things to do to prep for a career in medicine. I think its so important to start early, right?! After all, other countries are!


“In this computer advanced world, countries like Japan, China and Canada too have taken the initiative to teach computer programming to school children. The strategy is to develop student’s creative and logical thinking. The plan would, more importantly, cover students of the primary school to high school age.” 

I ask Prin what she wants to be when she grows up and for now, her response is a doctor or a scientist. She doesn’t know what kind, but she knows she’s interested in caring for people’s bodies and or mixing potions which I have tried to explain can be medicine. If that should change, that’s cool too. I just want to make sure that I’m always actively supporting her.

Brendan, at a more cognizant stage, is budding into a natural engineer-knowingly! He’s totally accepted his fate and it’s easier to have conversations around preparing for such a fun future!

 For years, we thought the kid was just destructive! His toys and other household electronics were all a part of this graveyard of broken bits and pieces he’d created. We later found out that he just wanted to know how it all worked. OH! So you want to build things, eh?


Ever since, it’s been a world of STEM and STEAM driven conversations, activities and books! There’s never been a better time, than maybe the industrial revolution, for kids to get involved in engineering. It’s a huge educational focus!


I’ve created a good list of resources for STEAM AND STEM and science for the little ones to get active!

Take a look below:

Home science 


Rookie Parent:Science-filter by age group and sift through cool projects to try at home. A great place to start if you have no idea what to do or what to get. 

Perfect! Boom, mastermind mommy!

How are you prepping your kids for their future careers?