The Pain of starting and not finishing-A quick guide to overcoming procrastination

Procrastination station! I KNOW I’m not the only one who’s guilty of this. Putting things off can be so excruciating that the thought of even attacking it makes me nervous. I can instantly think of at least 7 other things to do in its place! Why? Here’s a couple reasons why procrastination is even a thing

·       The science: A Fear of Failure. The brain is protecting us against possible negative feelings. The norepinephrine chemical takes over, causing increased levels of fear and anxiety. You're not a lazy bum, your brain wants to protect you from

·       Excessive Perfectionism

·       Low Energy Levels

·       A Lack of Focus

*Raises hand* I’m guilty. So guilty that I have come up with a few tangible ways to overcome it! Check out the list below






·       Set small measurable goals along your project journey and celebrate meeting them! If that’s just one paragraph of that paper, or half the back splash  you’re laying or answering 5 emails at a time, do it, measure it and give yourself the much-needed pat on the back for doing so. You did a thing!


·       Create a space to create. Music, aromatherapy, low lights, an open window, a cozy pillow or throw, whatever that is for you! I’m an ambient light person. I love chic lamps that cast a soft spotlight on my desk and throughout the room-uh and preferably child free for the moment.

·       Write it down. I think documenting your actions is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Get a cute little planner or notebook. Write the date and your plans/what you want to accomplish and check it off as you go. Be careful not to write a 3-page laundry list of things because again, you may feel overwhelmed and just throw the whole book and pen away! Be realistic and keep a nice list of about 5 or so things.


·       Remember why you’re doing it. What’s the bigger picture here? Will completing this task free up your time or mental space later? Perhaps you are doing something that may help others in the long run, maybe it’ll save you money if you get a piece of business taken care of. Remember your why


·       F*ck perfection, strive for excellence. Perfection is just the enemy telling you that whatever you do is just not good enough! Excellence on the other hand celebrates your outstanding effort and the quality with witch you have done a thing! Do something and do it to the best of your ability.


·       Forgive yourself for the level of procrastination from which you were previously operating. Know that its human nature to protect yourself from taking risks and understand that your brain is naturally doing that because you have made it up in your mind to do something that’s scary and great all at the same time! Bravery takes heart! It takes courage! And those things aren’t easy to come by. Baby steps, ya know! If it was easy, you wouldn’t want it or be afraid of it! You can do it! You can have it!

Please add to this list. What are some ways you overcome procrastination?