14 Questions to ask the kids after school

kids gets in the car after school.

the school you strategically moved half way across  the state to get em into and presently traveled 43 minutes in traffic to pick em up .

Me: how was school?

Brendan: "good"

 i knew exactley what im setting myself up for.

the lonely dreaded one word answer


um, i have questions

did you have PE today?

nope,  Guidance.


what they guiding you to do?

i learned so much in this 12 minute conversation. i asked  a couple age appropriate, intel seeking open ended questions and Vualah! now i know how school was. nooowww, i have material for next time. disputes to follow up on, emotional 

see we have to talk to our kids, yall

valuable questioning is a form of conversation, connection and relationship-something i feel is  long missing from our homes and subsequently society. How is it that children are so sad that they'd take their own lives and the lives of others? more importantly, how is it that we dont know?

theres nothing we cant discuss and work through.

10 better questions to ask:

  1. Tell me about the best part of your day.

  2. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

  3. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?

  4. Tell me about what you read in class.

  5. Who did you play with today? ...

  6. Do you think math [or any subject] is too easy or too hard?

  7. What's the biggest difference between this year and last year?

  8. Do you think the rules in your class are fair?

  9. did you get recognized for anything today?

  10. why do you like or not like your teachers?

  11. are you feeling confident about your classes right now?

  12. Who did you sit with at lunch?-who ya friends???

  13. Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?-be prepared to sit through a presentation and make sure youre not just asking to ask while you sit on your phone. Focus in on this one

  14. Was there anything you wish you had at school that you didn’t have today? I want my kids to feel secure knowing they have all the tools they need to be successful so I ask this alot! 



share your questions and especially answers! kids say the funniest things!

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