How the Facebook Portal is Changing My Life

I grew up in Chicago for the majority of my life. My roots are there. School friends, family, old coworkers, colleges etc etc.

My husband and I left a few years ago and never looked back. its been the best decision we’ve ever made for our family but the hardest part is missing our family and loved ones:( .

There’s nothing like popping in on someone for a quick bite and a conversation, dropping off dinner to a friend or running errands with your loved ones just to spend some qt.

Distance makes this more of a challenge and with small children, we dont get to travel all together Kevin McAllister style often.

I bought my dad the Amazon echo dot last year. I didnt know if he would absolutely love it, or just never even use the thing whatsoever.

He ended up loving it, connecting it to smart outlets and music streaming platforms. Alexa is another member of the household as far as hes concerned lol

He loved it some much he had to have the one up on me and bought us the Facebook portal, a video messaging console that is integrated with Alexa technology. Its sole purpose is to enhance the video calling experience on Facebook by using a dope camera that follows you around within the device. This makes me feel like Im on a realty tv show. its super cool

There are a couple other cool aspects, like a story time feature that allows you and the other person to read along to a short children’s book with animations and music. You also have the option to listen to the same music together through pandora, spotify or iheart radio


it takes alot of the pressure away from my phone. I like being hands free, especially with baby Gavin in my arms

technology has a way of connecting us by closing gaps further and faster than ever! I add my family and friends to my favorites and when I see them, I call them. I look in their eyes, wave, show them the kids and their latest art projects and dance moves. I connect with family that I usually think twice about calling or texting. its very easy to use so the big kids Prin (5) and Brendan (9) can call with ease! Even Gavin knows how to click on a face on the screen now.

There’s a little clip that covers the camera when you dont want it exposed and a button to turn off the camera and microphone all together, so I’m at ease on the security aspect

It retails for $199 for the Portal and $349.99 for the Portal+…If you want to connect with folks who are far away, I think its a good investment